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Our Team

Woburn International is a New Zealand owned company, established in 1991. Our team of trained and experienced professionals provide a personal, expert service you can trust.

All of our Immigration Advisers are fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority. You can look up each of our advisers’ licence information by clicking on the licence number provided.


Meet the Experts

June Ranson

Licensed Immigration Adviser
Licence Number: 200800674
Past Chair of NZAMI

Steve Ranson


Ann Nolan

Licensed Immigration Adviser
Licence Number: 200800645
International HR Consultant

Christina Overwater

Director, Operations Manager and Relocation Account Manager

Meena Patel

Licensed Immigration Adviser
Licence Number: 201200726

Shaun Redpath

Licensed Immigration Adviser
Licence Number: 202200284

Sheila Elasin

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Licence number: 202300520

Ute Schuh

Relocation Manager

Brenda Keating

Assistant Relocation Manager

In addition, we have 15 experienced relocation consultants throughout New Zealand. Our consultants work with each individual, company or family to help them with all aspects of moving countries.

This includes help to find: