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Steve Ranson


Steve Ranson - Director

Steve has proudly held the position of Director at Woburn International for over 30 years, during which time he has helped to steer the company toward remarkable success.

As a Director, he is involved in the mentoring of staff and focuses on the financial side of the business to ensure the company’s ongoing growth. He also travels to immigration conferences around the world to support Woburn’s connections into countries that immigrants to New Zealand often come from.

Moving to New Zealand from the UK at the age of 17, Steve completed his management studies in Christchurch before moving to Wellington and taking on a dynamic and successful career in the petrochemical and manufacturing industry.

Spanning several decades, Steve’s career has given him rich and varied experiences, both as a senior manager in sales and marketing and, for many years, as a business owner.

Apart from work, Steve loves to travel. He has traversed the far corners of the earth, ticking off countries on almost every continent. Only Antarctica is yet to be visited! For close to 15 years, he regularly hit the road in the USA, motorbiking many of the great rides, including the famed Route 66. He is also an ex-footballer and enjoys sitting down to watch a good game of football or rugby.

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