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The Accredited Employer Work Visa

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) replaces six temporary work visa pathways. This new temporary work visa is being introduced 4 July 2022. If as an employer, you want to hire a migrant worker who meets the new criteria there are three mains steps to complete.

Employer Accreditation

From 4 July, New Zealand Immigration laws come into force for employing a migrant worker. If you are a New Zealand employer and you want to get migrant labour, you now must become accredited.

If you try to beat the system and you are not accredited, you can be fined up to $50,000. Find out more in this latest update from June Ranson, CEO of Woburn International.


There is a list of accreditation criteria that you need to meet, and two different levels of accreditation:

  • Standard, for up to five migrant workers on AEWV’s; and
  • High-volume, for six or more migrant workers on AEWV’s.
Accreditation Criteria

The job check ensures the job pays market rates, the terms and conditions comply with New Zealand employment laws and standards, and you have done a labour market test (LMT), if you need to.

Job Check

After a successful Job Check an employer can invite the migrant to make an application. This is the final step and the necessary assessments are undertaken along with good health and character checks. If successful, the visa will be granted to allow the migrant to work for the employer.

Employers do not require the new employer Accreditation to employ those on open work visas, such as Student, Partnership and Working Holiday. In the future, a pathway to residence will be introduced for migrants that have held an AEWV for two years and are paid at least 200 per cent of the median wage.

Migrant Check
NZ Accredited Employer Work Visa

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