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Additional Services

There are a lot of things to consider, if you are thinking about moving to New Zealand. It’s not just the visa’s and paper work.

As well as providing immigration consultant company advice and support, Woburn International also offer a vast range of additional services to help make your immigration as easy and smooth as possible.

Talk to us about your individual needs. Here are some examples of services we frequently provide:

Travel bookings

Woburn International is able to arrange flights and transit accommodation bookings for you to help make the process as stress free as possible.


We can arrange all of your removal requirements, including the packing and freighting of your personal possessions and household goods, getting them through customs and into New Zealand, and the shipped to your final destination.


We can provide pick up and drop off for airports throughout New Zealand.  We can also to arrange transport via taxi/shuttle services.

Temporary Accommodation

We can arrange bookings for temporary accommodation requirements throughout New Zealand, either where you first arrive the country, or where you are going to live while you look for a house.