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Are you needing to visit New Zealand for a specific purpose that doesn’t fit for a general Visitor Visa?

There may be some additional options for you.

Business Visitor Visa

Visitors coming to New Zealand for less than 3 months for any of the below reasons may be granted a Business Visitor Visa:

  • To carry out an official trade mission recognised by the New Zealand government.
  • To sell goods and services in New Zealand.
  • To buy New Zealand goods and services.
  • To negotiate or discuss the set-up, expansion or wind-up of a business in New Zealand.
  • To carry out any business with the authorised representatives of an overseas company, body or person.

Those who are a citizen of one of the countries listed on Immigration’s Visa waiver list, do not need to apply for a Business Visa and can enter on a New Zealand electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA).

If your proposed trip means you will exceed the 3-month stay allowed on a Business Visitor Visa, you can consider the Specific Purpose Work Visa instead.

Parent/Grandparent Visitor Visa

As a parent or grandparent of a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident holder you can apply to visit for up to 18 months spread over 3 years. This gives you additional time and more flexibility than on a general Visitor Visa. Be aware you must be outside New Zealand when you apply.

Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa

If you have recently married a New Zealand citizen in a traditional arranged marriage, or want to marry in New Zealand, you can get a 3 month visitor visa to begin living with your partner. The marriage must be arranged by someone other than you or your partner (like a family member or a matchmaker) and follow an identified cultural tradition.

  • If you come to get married in New Zealand your wedding must be within 3 months of arriving.
  • If you get married outside New Zealand you must apply for your Visa within 3 months of your wedding.

Temporary Retirement Category

You can stay for up to 2 years on a Visitor Visa if you are aged 66 years or older and have NZD $750,000 to invest in New Zealand. You also need an additional NZD $500,000 to live on and an annual income of NZD $60,000 or more.

Visiting Academics

You can visit New Zealand as an academic and participate in teaching, educational, professional management or research activities without a Work Visa if it is less than 3 months.

If you want to take part in work activities that are not related to teaching, educational, professional management or research activities, you will need to apply for a Work Visa.

Work Visa Holders Dismissed During a Trial Period

Apply for this Visa if you have a current Work Visa and you were dismissed from your job during a trial period. You can stay up to 3 months, but you cannot work. This gives you the opportunity to find new employment.

If you are visiting for one of the above purposes or have another purpose to visit New Zealand then please get in touch. We will work through all the big and small details to ensure that you apply under the correct Visa category.

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