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Settlement Support

Woburn International offers you a vast range of services to assist with settling in. With our local consultants by your side, you’ll feel at home in no time.

Services include but are not limited to:


We will provide you with information and brochures from banks outlining their services. This is accompanied by an appointment to set up your accounts, arrange credit cards etc.


We will provide you with information and can arrange an appointment with a tax accountant.

Medical, Dental, Hospital & Emergency Facilities

We ensure you have an understanding of the NZ health system, private and public, emergency procedures and locations and registration with a dentist/doctor.


We will help you become familiar with your local shops, identification of brands and products that differ from your home country.

Health & Fitness

We will introduce you to local gyms, sports clubs & leisure facilities.

Driving & Transport

We help you with local transport options, timetables, commuting times, guidance, brochures on NZ driving regulations and driving licenses.

Car Lease/Purchase

We will provide you with options, prices and arrange appointments for viewing and testing vehicles.

Furniture Rental/Purchase

We will arrange an inspection and selection of furniture for purchase or rental, providing different options and prices.

Leisure & Recreation

Our consultants will help you navigate the arts, culture, theatre, festivals, events, tourist destinations, churches and local community resources.


Woburn International can provide you with a list of companies, contact details and a referral to broker.

Domestic Services

We will provide you with the contact details of cleaners, gardeners, baby-sitters, nannies, pool concierge etc.