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Working Holiday Visa

What is a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa?

A working holiday visa allows young people usually between 18 and 30 years of age to travel and work in New Zealand for a maximum of 12 months in most cases. In a select few countries, the age range could be 18 to 35 years.

Also, you can be eligible to work for up to 23 months if you are from Canada and up to 36 months if you are from the United Kingdom.

What are the conditions of a NZ working holiday visa?

Employment conditions differ for different countries, it’s important to check the conditions for the working holiday scheme for your country.
While holding a New Zealand working holiday visa, you are not allowed to commit to permanent employment offers.
Under the provisions of the working holiday visa, you are permitted to pursue one or more courses for a duration of up to 6 months in New Zealand. Options include language studies, Study Abroad programs, or short training courses.
Adequate financial resources are required to cover the cost of a return ticket. You are expected to primarily engage in holiday activities, with employment or short-term study considered secondary objectives.

What you need to know about an NZ working holiday visa?

  1. To obtain a working holiday visa, you must complete an online application process when the visa program is open for submissions.
  2. Generally, working holiday visa applications are accepted from any country, including within New Zealand. However, specific programs may necessitate you to be in your home country during the application process.
  3. If you choose to apply for a Working Holiday Visa while already in New Zealand you may be required to furnish a medical certificate. Additionally, if you are planning an extended stay in New Zealand exceeding 12 months, including time on visas other than a Working Holiday Visa, you must undergo a chest x-ray and general medical examinations.
  4. Upon being granted a working holiday visa, it must be activated by entering New Zealand within the specified timeframe, typically within 1 year from the date of issue.
  5. Note that once a working holiday visa is granted, there is no option to postpone or revoke it. If you are unable to activate the visa within the stipulated timeframe, it will lapse.
  6. If you have previously been granted a working holiday visa, you are not eligible to reapply for the same visa type.

What are the countries with NZ working holiday agreements and their criteria?

  • Working holiday visas are exclusively accessible to countries with established agreements with New Zealand for such visas.
  • Each country’s working holiday visa guidelines outline the following criteria:
    •  Eligible age range
    • Permissible duration of stay
    • Minimum financial requirements
    • Specific employment criteria in line with the country’s arrangement with New Zealand.
  • You can see the list of countries that have a working holiday visa arrangement with New Zealand here.
  • Countries that are not listed do not have working holiday arrangements with New Zealand which means people from those countries cannot apply for a working holiday visa.

Extending the NZ working holiday visa

Canadian citizens

Canadian citizens on a 12-month working holiday visa in New Zealand can prolong their stay for up to an additional 11 months through the Working Holiday Scheme Subsequent Work Visa.

UK citizens

UK citizens holding a working holiday visa lasting 12 months or more are offered the opportunity to prolong their stay for the remaining period, with a possibility to extend up to a maximum of 36 months through a subsequent work visa under the Working Holiday Scheme.

3-month extension

In the event that you do not meet the prerequisites for the second work visa, you might still qualify for a 3-month extension of your working holiday visa. Eligibility for this extension requires completion of 3 months of seasonal work in the horticulture or viticulture industry while holding the initial working holiday visa.

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