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New Zealand has one of the most stable and corruption free democracies in the world, providing you with a safe place to invest your energy, skills and money. The New Zealand government focuses on simplifying taxes and company rules, making it easier for businesses to succeed and grow.

Choose a great lifestyle for your family

New Zealanders are hardworking and we take our jobs seriously. But we make sure to balance that with a laidback lifestyle, enjoying many outdoors and cultural activities.

How Woburn International helps entrepreneurs

We have settled many over 10,000 individuals in New Zealand and we know exactly what it takes to find your own niche in our country.

Finding you the right business

We begin by getting to know you, and finding out exactly what you’re looking for in a business. We help you with the right pathway for your investment.

Ensuring your application is a success

We’ll save you time, money and hassle by personally assessing you from an immigration perspective, ensuring you fit with New Zealand’s immigration laws. This enables us to determine your potential to get through the process without any bumps along the way. We will help you define exactly what you can offer New Zealand and what you bring to your chosen business.

Following this due diligence, we will recommend any other services you may require, such as a lawyer/attorney or an accountant. With all your support persons in place, we will help you write the business plan and budget for the chosen business and supply this to Immigration NZ.

If additional market research is required as part of this plan we can even arrange that for you as well. We will also help you determine the right pathway and then the ongoing support once you are settled in NZ.

An Extra Incentive for Investors

The New Zealand government offers dedicated visas for investors and entrepreneurs, making it easy to settle and spend time here. Currently, there are three visa categories. You can read more about these options on the Immigration New Zealand website.

To comply as an investor, you need to:
  • Prove how you made the funds you are bringing to NZ
  • Determine how much time you would spend in NZ each year
Contact us and let Woburn International support you, every step of the way.