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Sheila Elasin

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Licence number: 202300520

Immigration Administrator

Sheila is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background and a passion for helping migrants overcome language and cultural barriers.

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Juris Doctor (Doctor of Law) from the Philippines, Sheila came to NZ in 2017 on a student visa from the Philippines to study Postgraduate Diploma in International Business. She started working for Woburn in November 2022 while also doing her part-time study to become a licensed immigration adviser.

Before joining Woburn in November 2022, Sheila gained valuable experience as a recruitment consultant for four years. Prior to that, she enjoyed a successful career as a practicing lawyer in the Philippines for over a decade. This extensive background allows Sheila to offer unique insights and understanding to fellow migrants, recognizing that language and culture present the most significant challenges.

“Most of the time, migrants just need to feel that they are understood and that they have someone whom they can talk to, in their own language, to fully express their anxieties, questions, and fears.”, says Sheila.

Sheila’s firsthand experience enables her to effectively reach out to migrants, address their concerns promptly, and tailor her assistance to their specific needs.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sheila finds solace in running. Whether on roads or trails, she embraces the physical and mental challenges it presents. Her notable achievement includes completing the rigorous 102 km Tarawera Ultramarathon in 2019, where she conquered the entire race in nearly 24 hours.

Sheila’s dedication, resilience, and passion shine through in both her personal and professional pursuits, making her an invaluable asset to the migrant community and the field of immigration advising.

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