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June Ranson

Licensed Immigration Adviser and CEO of Woburn International

Licence Number: 200800674

CEO of Woburn International, June Ranson, set up the company in 1991 to initially provide specialist assistance with international pay structures, overseas cost of living assessments and establishing hardship allowance levels for staff being sent offshore by their employers. As the reputation of June and her team quickly grew, so too did the range of support that they were able to offer.
Immigration Advisor, June Ranson

Establishing Woburn International

Over 30 years on, June has built one of the country’s most respected relocation and immigration advisory companies with expertise across the full range of New Zealand immigration matters. Today, Woburn International is the preferred immigration and relocation partner in New Zealand and overseas for many businesses and individuals.

Helping People Realise their Ambitions

June’s involvement in the industry has always been driven by wanting to help people realise their ambitions. She sees the ability to create long lasting opportunities as being one of the most exciting elements of working in the immigration sector. This vision for generating outcomes has flowed through to building her team, with June having helped many of her staff to achieve goals and prosper in New Zealand.

NZ Association for Migration and InvestmentNew Zealand Association of Migration & Investment Chair for 8 Years

As a way of making sure that the industry is serving their customers and stakeholders, June became actively involved with the New Zealand Association of Migration & Investment (NZAMI) in 2010. Her role as Chair of the NZAMI from 2014 to 2022 demonstrates the depth of knowledge and standing that June has in the industry.

Being the Chair of NZAMI, June was a conduit between industry and Government, championing industry collaboration and the rights of migrants. She truly believes that migrants deserve a high level of support as they work to gain New Zealand visas, residency and citizenship. The licensing of immigration advisers, which began in 2008, is seen by June as being one of the most important and positive changes in immigration regulations during her time in the industry.

June’s experience has seen her work and live in many countries including two years in the UK along with time in Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil and the USA. She has managed extensive training and development projects across the globe with a major focus on assignments in cross-cultural understanding and integration.

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