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Meena Patel

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Licence Number: 201200726

meena immigration adviser

Meena joined the Woburn International team in 2007, when she came to New Zealand from Mumbai, India, to visit family

During Meena’s stay, she visited recruitment agencies looking for work. Having a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mumbai University, Meena was interested in joining a New Zealand business so she could use the skills she had picked up across a broad range of topics including accounting, finance, economics and marketing.

Meena had already applied for and been declined a New Zealand Residence visa. Her Skilled Migrant Residence visa was declined when lodged from offshore by another advisor, so she was sent to see June Ranson at Woburn International. Who would have thought that this would have been the beginning of a successful career in the immigration sector!

Meena joins Woburn International

Unbeknown to Meena, during her visit with June, June was also interviewing her and subsequently offered Meena employment. June not only had Meena’s work visa approved; she also urged Meena to become a Licensed Immigration Advisor with Woburn International. Under Ann Nolan’s and June’s mentorship, Meena gained her Immigration Licence in 2012.

Everyone’s Story is Different

Since then, Meena has managed many visa and immigration applications and her own experience has been a great help to her in gaining positive outcomes for her clients. Every person has a different background and story that needs to be communicated and proven to New Zealand Immigration and some people can try for a long time before they are approved. Meena’s advice for those who think that residency is unobtainable is to contact Woburn International as they can help in most cases.

When not too busy with work Meena enjoys cooking for her family and friends as well as making the most of what Wellington has to offer. With diverse communities and cultural events across the region, Meena likes to go to festivals and shows with her family.

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