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According to the NZ Herald, only two out of five skilled migrants and business migrants settle in Auckland now.

This is compared to more than half of skilled migrants, five years ago. After Auckland, the most popular destinations are Canterbury, Wellington and the Waikato. In 2017, only 4874 of the 12,106 migrants (40%) who arrived under the business and skilled migration stream stayed in Auckland, according to The Herald.

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What has Spurred the Change?

Changes in both government regulations to immigration law and stronger economies in the regions can be attributed to this development. With plentiful trades job opportunities in Christchurch and a need for medical professionals in the regions, the New Zealand job market is attractive. The cost of living is also likely to be a major factor with housing and renting costs being marginally more in Auckland than the rest of the country. Government incentives are also encouraging skilled migrants to choose the regions. For example, those who commit to remain in the regions, for at least 12 months, receive extra points that count towards their residency application.

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Skilled Migrants are Choosing the Regions

With forecasts showing that the skill shortage is not slowing down in the regions, this trend is unlikely to change. New Zealand has a lot of job opportunities for skilled migrants due to a housing crisis. Auckland is still an expensive choice for many and the regions have a lot to offer. They are set to be an attractive option for a long time to come.

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