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This year’s Industry Immigration Conference saw New Zealand officials discussing the value that migrants bring to our country.

Woburn International’s June Ranson chaired the panel which included Immigration NZ and Massey University distinguished professor, Paul Spoonley.

The discussion brought up some interesting, important points.

Migrants are assets

It is important to address the common view that those migrants who are culturally, linguistically or religiously different are assets, not problems. At Woburn we’ve seen great value realised for employers and their businesses who recruit migrants.

Cultural appreciation

It was recognised there is a generally positive attitude towards migrants from countries like Britain or South Africa (as opposed to migrants of countries like India or China), due to lack of cultural understanding. As a part of a global economy, New Zealand businesses need to become more internationally and culturally appreciative.

Skills shortages

With New Zealand’s current skill shortages, there is a need to consider who are the best people available. Migrants can be an excellent opportunity and employers need to make contact with migrants before they judge them simply on their name.

International students

If no suitable NZ residents or citizens can be found for a job vacancy, another consideration is international students. There are benefits to both the international students and employers as students often provide the skills and qualifications New Zealand needs. Subsequently, the Government has made changes towards the employment of students. Greater flexibility is being introduced for those who achieve qualifications after 26 November 2018.

Pathways to immigration

Due to world trends, pathways to immigration and appropriate visas has become more stringent.

Woburn International has been in business for over 27 years and we are experts in migration issues. We work every day with New Zealand businesses who are embracing the opportunities that migrants can offer to their operations. For businesses, we ensure applications comply with Immigration NZ requirements and remove obstacles. For migrants we make it easier than you realise to live and work in New Zealand. Contact us today.