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We’ve all seen many issues with immigration policies in the past, and some very positive ideas also, now of course Covid has changed things for the entire world.

One of the biggest opportunities we have in New Zealand is the prospect of enticing investors and entrepreneurs into our fine country. This opportunity would have garnered a lot of attention from the world, new exciting opportunities, a chance to really be something special – and it still should.

The new Investor policy is aimed at attracting those Investors who seriously want involvement in growing New Zealand businesses that have the potential for international dealings, but without the investment they have insufficient revenue to grow sufficiently to the required level.

There is flexibility in the type of investment and the amount they need to invest between NZ$5 million – $15 million.  The sum required is based on whether the investment is direct or indirect.  Ideally we want these investors to share their expertise and connections.

At this time we have not received the full details of the policy which will be available later in September 2022.

Investor Visas and Immigration to New Zealand

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