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There is light at the end of this very strange tunnel many of us are experiencing – and it’s here in New Zealand.

We want to share just a few positives about New Zealand.


We’re starting with sports as the Commonwealth Games held in the UK this year produced results for New Zealand which we are proud to acknowledge.

We heard the international commentators discussing how New Zealand seems to have the highest per capita of top athletes competing worldwide in all sporting events! And why is that? The opportunity to train in a wonderful environment, our many sporting grounds that are in place for training our athletes, our lifestyle, our attitude, all of the above and more.

Photo taken from New Zealand Commonwealth Games Instagram page.

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Food and wine, micro breweries

It feels like we have a majority stake-holding in breweries, food and wine. Amazing wine, whiskey, gin, vodka, beer, so many tastings can be experienced alongside our amazing food. We have communities dedicated to a healthier lifestyle so there really is something for everyone.

Mountains and Beach

That says it all, we have them both and they are amazing.

Opportunities for Skilled Migrants

It seems like every day we hear that the world is experiencing a skill shortage – we are too! Why not join us and find out for yourself just how much we can offer in the way of lifestyle and experience.

Something New Zealand has that not many places in the world offer

You can still find that wonderful small town environment, be part of a great community, or if you like the hustle and bustle of the city, you can have that too.

Exciting experiences are awaiting you. Now is a great time to move to New Zealand.
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