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From December 2022, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) have stated that Accredited employer work visa holders will no longer be able to support their partners on open work visas. This means that work visa holders will only be able to support partners as visitors.

Once this latest change is brought in by Immigration New Zealand, partners will need to qualify for a work visa in their own right, they will need to find employment with an accredited employer who will support them on a work visa.
There are two exemptions to this rule change.
  • If you the principal applicant are working in an occupation on the Green List or paid twice the median wage, you can support a work visa with open work rights for your partner. This means workers on lower salaries where the additional income from a partner working and assisting the family might be disadvantaged.
  • If you have a partner who is still based off-shore or on a visitor visa you will need to ensure you apply for a work visa before December 2022. This can provide your partner with an open work visa which allows them to work for any employer in any region.
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