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There has been a lot of factual media coverage by Radio NZ Journalist Gill Bonnett, during the past week, about the current state of the NZ immigration system.

Employers, you are experiencing a tough time securing skilled people who are not NZ Residents and Citizens, to keep up your productivity and add the resources needed to keep your business growing.

With careful planning and screening of migrants, prior to any lodgements of applications; achieving successful timely outcomes can happen. There are numerous reasons why the processing of applications are taking so long.

• It could be your job offer and job description is not being obviously relevant to the  background and experience of your applicant.
• Make sure that the applicant’s background, qualifications and/or work experience is clearly relevant to the job.
• Immigration case officers do not necessarily know your industry, so clear descriptive job descriptions are necessary.
• If the job is not on a skill shortage list, have you provided sufficient evidence of your attempts to recruit a NZ resident or citizen?
• Look at your job advert, does it quote the salary range? If not, Immigration can view this as you not being sufficiently pro-active in attracting existing talent in the NZ market.
• How long ago did you advertise? If the advert is older than 3 months you need to re-advertise.
• Does the salary offering meet the market rate for the job?
• Never assume you know how Immigration assess the applications.

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