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July 24, 2019
The Minister of Immigration’s recent announcement contains benefits but also negatives.
September 26, 2019
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Essential Skill work visas – speeding up the process

Speeding up the process for some visa applications

Recent escalation of processing delays by Immigration NZ recorded 8,500 for Essential Skill work visas, having been queued many months, now reduced in the last six weeks to 7,000.   

Considerable pressure has been applied on Immigration NZ, and a new official approach to assist in speeding up the processing introduced, where by any applications that have compelling personal circumstances or humanitarian factors and/or matters of national interest will be prioritised.

Immigration NZ will respond to all requests within two working days to confirm if an application will be prioritised for urgent allocation. Requests for priority allocation relating to employment matters, must have provable justification for escalation processing.

It is not a matter of saying we need this person urgently, you must have a genuine reason why the applicant is urgently needed, what is the impact to the company not having the individual in your workforce.   I can report we have started to have applications processed within 2 – 3 working days.

For cases fitting urgency requirements, talk to the experts:

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June Ranson and the team at Woburn