Essential Skill work visas – speeding up the process
August 4, 2019
NZeTA Visa (NZ Electronic Travel Authorisation) Comes into affect from 1st October 2019
October 2, 2019
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The Minister of Immigration’s recent announcement contains benefits but also negatives.

From 7 October:  

Accredited Employers must pay $79,560 per annum for the migrant to qualify for a Work to Residence Visa (WTR)   This is an increase from $55,000 per annum.

Minimum pay rate for a WTR will be reviewed annually

Employers applying for first time Accreditation or to renew will only be issued accreditation valid for a maximum period of 24 months.

Anyone already holding WTR visa or who applied before 7 October 2019 for a WTR Visa based on $55,000 will not be affected and can still apply for residence after 24 months of employment with an accredited employer.  

Other changes from 2020:

Six categories for temporary work visa pathways are being replaced with one.  Immigration will assess job offers based on pay rates.   Jobs paying less than the median wage $25 per hour, will be categorised as “low skilled”.       Jobs above the median wage but below $104,000 will be regarded as Medium skilled. Jobs above $104,000 will be regarded as “high skilled”.   Low skilled workers will receive 12-month work visa. High skilled could receive up to 5-year visa. Medium Skilled workers up to 3-years

Low skilled workers now permitted to bring their partner and children to NZ, the partner is issued a visitor visa (no work rights). Total period low skilled migrants may stay 3 years and must leave NZ for 12 months.
This will impact on Rest Homes, Restaurants, Hospitality and all trades people.

Changes 2021:

All employers wanting to recruit migrants or already employ migrants must become accredited

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