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From 1 October 2019, visitors to NZ who have entered through the Visa Waiver criteria (no pre-application required until arrival at our border) will have to apply online prior to travel, for their visitor or business visa.  This affects passport holders from every country in the world with the exception of Australia

Politics have a major impact on Immigration. Skilled people are needed in New Zealand for economic growth, but it cannot keep pace. Without the right skilled people, many companies are forced into buying new innovative machines, which in turn will reduce jobs and create unemployment, losing the opportunities for upskilling NZ residents and citizens from the knowledge that these highly skilled migrants bring to the New Zealand workforce.

Long delays are still being encountered in the processing of visa applications and having a huge impact on business and families. Major issues for this include, 40% turnover in Immigration officers, integrating new technology, and stricter scrutiny on NZ employers being fit to employ migrants. It is noticeable that there has been a shift in immigration policy interpretation, and this is being used to slow down migrant numbers.

If you have issues tell us, we are working at the coalface and help could be available.

We are happy to have an initial chat with you about your needs or concerns either as an individual wanting to come to NZ or if you are an employer who hires migrants or may need to in the future.

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