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Scam alert

Reports have surfaced regarding a concerning situation where migrants are being requested to submit their passports by unlicensed Immigration Advisors or specialists. Subsequently, they are being asked to pay a fee of NZ$240 for an Authorisation Clearance Certificate. This activity appears to be a scam, and it is crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly investigate such requests before releasing your passport or making any payments.

Information for visitor visa holders

It is crucial to ensure that you have the appropriate visa to enter New Zealand as a visitor. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is currently conducting thorough checks on passengers arriving to visit the country, and Airline Liaison Officers have been appointed to prevent individuals from boarding their planes if they do not meet the necessary criteria.

If you arrive at the New Zealand border with an incorrect visa or fail to meet INZ’s visitor requirements, you may be denied entry and turned around. Some common reasons for not meeting these requirements include not being a genuine visitor, already spent too much time in NZ as a visitor.

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