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Recognition of Global Excellence

By 18 November 2014August 10th, 2023No Comments

2014 Cartus award Photo

People and companies re- establishing themselves in another country is extremely challenging and whilst there are numerous resources to provide information, there is a problem for people knowing what is relevant to their specific situation.   The Woburn International Group is a Lower Hutt based company formed in 1991 to provide the resources throughout NZ and globally to produce the expertise necessary in the areas of immigration, intra-company transfers, home finding, settlement support and cultural integration. They also work with migrant entrepreneurs and investors who are seeking opportunities in New Zealand to make a valuable contribution to New Zealand economic development.

What this means is that this company has established a way to globally connect migrants and companies into New Zealand and overseas.

They have established offices and partnerships throughout the world which has caught the attention of numerous foreign international companies that they represent in New Zealand.

The world’s largest provider of destination services Cartus, Headquartered in the USA, last month recognised the Woburn Group with a meritorious award with distinction as a top global provider of destination services.  Presented in Chicago by the Vice President, Richard Tucker.   This is the second year the Woburn Group have been presented with this Award.

The Woburn Group Managing Director, June Ranson, receiving the Award, states “the proud recognition of the Woburn team for excellence, is well deserved for the dedication to service delivery.