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Migrants key to regional growth

By 16 February 2014August 10th, 2023No Comments

Migrants are the key to growth of the Hutt Valley and Wellington region and more needs to be done to attract them, says leading New Zealand immigration consultant June Ranson.

“We must get out and show the world that New Zealand is an attractive option for people with the right skills, including entrepreneurs with great ideas,” says June Ranson, who is Managing Director of Lower Hutt company Woburn International.

New Zealand is a country where small businesses are the life blood of our economy whereby our NZ Immigration policies need to focus more on this aspect. Little thought appears to have been given to the fact that approximately 69% of small to medium sized business owners over the next 10 years will be looking for buyers to take over their businesses as the New Zealand population ages.

“Migrants provide new skills to encourage business expansion into new products and markets.

“We are competing with Australia and Canada for these skills and need to be very active in encouraging them to come to New Zealand, this includes enticing New Zealand expats home.

“The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research has also found that adding 40,000 migrants a year to New Zealand’s population for 10 years would grow our GDP per capita by $410 a year.

“That shows new migrants make a positive impact on our country and suggests the current migrant policy is too low.”

June Ranson says concerns about the cost of new infrastructure to support a growing population boosted by immigration are not supported by the research.

“The Wellington region would benefit significantly by welcoming new migrants.

“We have everything here including jobs across a wide range of skills with the added incentive of being a safe place for families to live and enjoy our healthy, outdoor lifestyle.”

“New migrants are an asset and should be encouraged to settle in the Hutt Valley and broader Wellington region,” she says.

June Ranson is the vice – chair to the NZ Association for Migration & Investment and the Managing Director of Woburn International a Global Mobility Services company, based in Lower Hutt.