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English Language Requirement for Residence

By 10 March 2017August 10th, 2023No Comments

From the Chairman’s Desk


It has been brought to our attention this week just what a minefield the English language requirement for Residence has become, when it has reached the stage where highly qualified and well-travelled individuals from some countries who speak perfect English are required to carry out an IELTS test, because they do not meet the new requirements.


It becomes almost an insult advising them that this is a requirement. The migrant response is always the same, could we speak to the case officer, we would be happy to be interviewed and they can see for themselves that our English is good. A recent example we have been advised of, that the case officer after receiving this request, was mortified and the response was: that it was not policy, with no further explanation.


It is interesting to take heed of the note in the English language policy which reads:

Full consideration must be given to all evidence of English language ability provided before a decision of an English language test result is requested.


The “reason or reasons behind the decision must be clearly documented” – do we know what this actually means?


Whilst we fully appreciate that English language is a major part for adjusting and settling into this country the current policy is not logical. We can see that this is another way to stem the flow of migrants, as we are in a National Election Year!




June Ranson

Board Chairperson