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June Ranson was interviewed by Newstalk ZB on the 19 April, 2017 for her expert thoughts on the upcoming government announcement. Later today Bill English will be announcing changes to the rules around immigration for a New Zealand visa. These changes are expected to involve tighter criteria in some categories.


“It’s intended to control the flow and get the mix right,” – Bill English, NZ Prime Minister.

Mr. English discusses the difficulty of forecasting the flow of migration in New Zealand as we remain a popular country for many due to our opportunities and great lifestyle.


June Ranson notes the need for experienced workers in areas such as farming, especially in the South Island. New Zealand is experiencing a real skill shortage and migration is the perfect solution.


To listen to the full interview with Mike Hosking, visit the NewsTalk ZB website.

June was also interviewed on T.V.1 News. Watch the full Change to Rules for Migrants interview. For assistance with your visa contact us today.