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Studying is a huge undertaking, you work hard, learn, grow and make new friends along the way. While you study you’re often focused solely on your next assignment without looking much further ahead than that deadline. Then suddenly, you’re ready to graduate. Well done. This is a cause for celebration.

Life After Study

But wait! What does this mean when you’re an international student? You’re about to be booted out into the real world. You begin to wonder, ‘what are my options after study? How do I find work in New Zealand?’

Woburn International can help you answer these questions. Two of our licenced Immigration Advisers, Meena Patel and Mike Keyworth, recently presented a range of options to approximately 20 students of Le Cordon Bleu in Wellington.

Cooking Success

Le Cordon Bleu offers intensive training for aspiring chefs and students alike who are wanting a career in the food and hospitality industry. They combine the very best of new world innovation and local cuisine with the principles, techniques and artistry of the French traditions.

Study hard today and open doors tomorrow

The students of Le Cordon Bleu, come to Wellington from all over the globe. As this group is nearing the end of their studies, they are curious about their options for working in New Zealand after they graduate. The students were especially interested in the new rules being brought in on 28 August 2017, by Immigration New Zealand and how this would impact on their prospects for residence.

Different Visa Options

Navigating which visa is right for you can be very hard. Woburn International can guide you through more details and help you apply for the correct one based on your specific situation.

Temporary Visas

  • Student visa
  • Interim visa
  • Post study work visa – open
  • Post study work visa – employer supported
  • Essential skills work visa – employer supported

Permanent Visas

  • Residence

Temporary Visas

  • Post Study Work Visa – open

This means you can work anywhere. But we recommend that it should be related to your qualification to allow you to move to the next visa.

This visa is valid for 12 months.

  • Post Study Work Visa – employer supported

This visa must be in line with your qualification, the transcript of the qualification and supported by your employer. Also, your qualification must be the major factor in your employer hiring you, along with any past work experience relevant to the job .

This visa is valid for 24 months.

  • Essential Skills Work Visa

The Essential Skills Visa is supported by an employer and must be relevant to your work experience and/or qualification. Before hiring you, a New Zealand employer must prove that there are no New Zealanders available to do the job.

Validity varies.

Mike and Meena are migrants themselves, so they know the whole process from both sides. Woburn International can help you find the right visa for you – contact us.