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The rate you pay a migrant has a major impact on the type of work visa that could be granted by Immigration NZ.    Those paid less than $25 per hour will receive a 12 month Work Visa with the opportunity to apply again for  a further two times for Work Visas.  The immediate family may accompany but the partner or spouse is not permitted to work, unless they qualify in their own right as a principal applicant.   The children may attend school, but not University under this criteria.

Take into consideration the accommodation rental factors that your migrant will need to pay.  We are advised that next month rents are increasing again. Lower Hutt rents are noted as increasing higher than Wellington, (Capital of NZ) all to do with housing shortages.   In September 2019 Stuff news recorded that Lower Hutt was the most popular rental location within the Greater Wellington region, and these rents are predicted to increase even higher than 13.9%.  A 2 bedroom house currently costs closer to $600 per week.

It should also be noted that rental costs are increasing throughout NZ.

Another factor, the person you wish to employ known as the principal applicant, who is including the family in the application – Immigration NZ are not processing the family together. The principal applicant is separated from the family and whilst the key person you want may receive their Work Visa, it can be a number of weeks before the outcome for the remaining applicants is known.  There are issues for working through.

For further information and assistance contact Woburn International 04-5694861