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Cultural differences create challenges for Chinese migrants applying with Immigration New Zealand | Woburn International

By 13 December 2011April 8th, 2024No Comments

At Woburn International, it is our job to verify if it is appropriate to submit an application on a client’s behalf. When it comes to assisting Chinese clients, there are some cultural differences that can make it difficult for them to produce the evidence required by Immigration New Zealand to support an application.

When it comes to providing proof of relationship, we have learned that Chinese couple’s often do not have evidence in both of their names to prove their relationship, such as joint bank accounts or bills addressed to both of them at the same address. These problems are common even if we are dealing with a married couple with children. Part of the problem rests with Chinese migrants not understanding that, for an immigration application, it takes more than a marriage certificate to prove that they have been living together in a stable relationship for at least 12 months. Immigration New Zealand recognises that they are dealing with a different culture, but proving the commitment of the relationship is a general rule for all applicants not just for the Chinese.

Cultural differences make it difficult for Chinese migrants to administer the immigration process by themselves. It is our responsibility to help them build a strong case for Immigration New Zealand as to why their visa application should be accepted. At Woburn International, we understand that a successful immigration application requires both a strong understanding of Chinese culture and what Immigration New Zealand will accept as support for an application.

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