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Yesterday the Government made a number of announcements around our border and immigration.  Some of the updates include new immigration pathways and opportunities to help employers find suitable staff.  The changes mean a totally new process, but we are here to work with you and make sure you take full advantage of any opportunity available to suit your needs.

Our Border OPENING 1 AUGUST 2022

Wonderful news for those who haven’t been able to visit our beautiful country due to Covid – our border will be fully opened on 1 August!  This will also means that those who were unable to obtain a general visitor visa can now start planning their trip.  If you would like us to help you make your plans with a suitable visa please reach out – we are excited to help open our doors to you and your family or friends.

Employer Accreditation This is a new 3 step process, and you can find more details on our website at:

We are aware that every new accreditation, job check and migrant applicant will be reviewed carefully by Immigration New Zealand.  It is very important to get it right from the start, to make sure you can continue to renew your accreditation by meeting all the new Government requirements.

Green List

There are certain skilled roles that will now have a quicker and more streamlined process to obtain residence in New Zealand. This will begin in September 2022. Are you a skilled construction manager, engineer, registered health worker or ICT worker? Please get in touch and we can determine if you will meet the requirements for this fast-track residence.

Exemption List

Are you an employer / company needing staff in a lower paid bracket?  The exemption list has been put in place to allow businesses to fill lower paid roles which are usually difficult to fill with New Zealanders. This will be a relief for businesses in the construction and infrastructure, care workforce, tourism and hospitality sectors, as they will be able to start supplementing their workforce with migrants again after the New Zealand border closure left a massive gap in the workforce.

You can find the full list of exemptions – here

Visa extensions

Due to the slower than expected processing of the 2021 Residence visa, Immigration New Zealand are granting automatic extensions for certain visa types that are expiring on or before 31 December 2022 and the visa holder was in New Zealand on 9 May 2022.

Essential Skills, Post-Study Work and Partner of a New Zealander work visa holders will be granted a 2-year open work visa. This will give flexibility for changing employment without a variation of conditions. For Work to Residence visa holders their visa will only be extended by six months and visa conditions will remain the same. 

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