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By 25 July 2012August 10th, 2023No Comments

The recent discovery of unlawful Students is just the beginning of the story.     When you have a lawful system in place by the NZ Government which encourages the recent result, what can you expect?

In many instances the Student is not to blame it is the system in this sad saga.

The NZ Government introduced in May 2009 Immigration Advisor Licensing to protect migrants, so that only authorised professional persons who meet a strict criteria and assessed annually for continuance to practice, are permitted to provide guidance and assistance on NZ Immigration applications;  but they left the door open for any person to provide guidance to those migrants wanting to come to NZ to study.    The result of this action, anyone can give advice to student applicants, and now they wonder why we have an issue!

Further, Education Agents have mushroomed, especially overseas, establishing themselves as experts with no legal requirements necessary. To aid these Agents NZ Immigration have entered into a signed memorandum of understanding with Education NZ. The agreement to encourage higher value/lower risk applications from agents.

This action defeats the rationale for highly qualified Immigration Advisor Licensing.  By the appointment of Education Agents the benefits are not to the migrant Student, whom we find in far too many instances receiving incorrect guidance and their expectations not being achieved. The persons who are benefiting:

–          The Education Agents in receiving attractive fees from the Education provider

–          The Education Institution, through receiving International fees for the students enrollment

–          The Education Institution filling class numbers

–          Immigration NZ receiving their Government fees

The international student is attracted to NZ as they understand Education is cheaper than the USA, UK, Canada etc to name but a few.  The student also believes that in acquiring a NZ  qualification will enable them to stay, find work and ultimately remain permanently. Many Students are encouraged by persons providing guidance,  what to study in New Zealand:  the simplest programmes, and on graduation with their 1 year open work visa which is awarded, unable to secure jobs relative to their qualification, so work in any type of paid employment. They find 12 months later, no future in this country. This is detrimental for NZ and our reputation as a good Education provider and no one should be surprised at what is currently happening. There will be far reaching ramifications  which puts our good name at risk.