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You may not know but we have been assisting people from all around the World relocate to New Zealand for many many years … and we are very good at it.

We have Consultants based around New Zealand so we can be with you on your relocation journey every step of the way, from:

… and everything else throughout your stay in our beautiful country!

moving to new zealand

Perhaps you have received a job offer from overseas and the employer needs you straight away. We know it takes time to get organised. This is where our dedicated team can help eg organising house rental, property management, house sale. Talk to us if your employer needs you straightaway.

We cater for all requirements and clients – whether you are a big international company or an individual.

We also cater for VIPs with our special VIP packages.

We are experts in our field and know how stressful moving countries can be. Our Relocation consultants have a wealth of experience and will be more than happy to assist and make you feel at home.

Our experts take care of the “bureaucratic all-round carefree package”: from opening the bank account to changing the driver’s license to commissioning the Internet provider.

About Woburn Relocation

We at Woburn International (Reloc8 – New Zealand) stay focused on the best interests of our clients, companies, and the NZ economy. We pride ourselves on being pro-active, well connected and leaders in our field of expertise.

This is achieved by having direct involvement and being an influencer through political lobbying, speaking through media, working with Employers to raise awareness of issues for recruiting foreign workers and working with overseas companies sending assignees on short- or long-term assignments.

We remain active in participating and contributing to business forums and seminars making employers knowledgeable about current political constraints that will impact on their growth and development due to the challenges for employing foreign workers.

We provide guidance and assistance to open the right pathway for migrants to enter NZ and work for the employer.

Our experienced and qualified team, build and maintain international relationships to keep up with the global climate and changes. We represent companies from NZ who are extending their overseas reach to expand their operations and regularly attend Migration forums throughout the world.

One of our points of difference is the combined use of digital platforms and personalised service.

We care deeply about our clients and their families. We have relocation consultants throughout New Zealand and the world who are passionate and experienced at helping people move and settle into a new country.

We have introduced the use of online platforms to keep up with the Relocation requirements, trends and to become more digitally accessible, keeping information relevant and current.

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