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New Zealand is desperate for qualified and experienced tradespeople, given our strong economy and our rapid sustained growth brought on by:
  • the Christchurch rebuild
  • a housing shortage
  • a growing economy
  • rapid population growth due to our great lifestyle and safe communities
According to the New Zealand government, “About a quarter of the total growth in employment growth over the next three years to March 2018 is forecast to occur in construction and related activities. Combined, these sectors are expected to show the strongest growth in the labour market.”

Popular Jobs

Panel beaters are in demand because as there has been a strong increase in the number of vehicles on the road in the last 10 years. Many are keeping, trading and restoring classic vehicles, adding to the work for this industry.

According to the New Zealand Herald, “New Zealanders are buying more new cars and used imports, but we’re also keeping our old vehicles on the road longer. That resulted in an extra 57,000 cars on New Zealand roads last year, estimates the Motor Trade Association show.”

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Top jobs we’re seeing advertised:
  • scaffolders
  • carpenters
  • builders
  • building inspectors
  • building surveyors
  • construction project managers
  • foremen
  • project builders
  • project managers
  • quantity surveyors
  • surveyors
  • survey technicians
  • urban planners
  • panel beaters


Owners of local business can’t get the people they require and many have numerous vacancies. What you need is a good work ethic and right attitude. Because of this desperate need, they are offering attractive incentives to migrants. We’re even seeing some paying for immigration costs and airfares.

One local company has 30 vacancies across the country and is providing a full induction and settlement programme which includes:
  • uniforms
  • safety training
  • workshops on how to present yourself

Popular Regions

We are seeing growth nationwide and according to Scoop, “There were 5 per cent more jobs advertised on SEEK this January than 12 months ago, with improved results across the regions.” The industries with the largest job ad volume included trades & services, manufacturing and transport &logistics. Within construction there are a few regions undergoing a boom period.

In the most recent economic reports, our government stated, “the Canterbury rebuild will continue to provide a substantial boost to employment growth.”


Construction of houses are also high in Auckland; however, our largest city, has become an expensive and place to live. We recommend keeping your options open and experiencing the great lifestyle New Zealand has to offer.


With a surge of earthquake strengthening, and a housing/rental shortage there’s a surge in new builds in the Wellington Region. In 2014 the government released a plan to create 7000 new homes in the next 5 years. They are currently behind their quota so this won’t be finishing any time soon. –


Employment figures are showing that 1483 jobs were added to the city’s economy in the last two years. Construction is at heart of this boom with large projects by the University of Otago under way and more in the pipeline. “Of the 575 jobs added to the economy from April 2015 to March 2016, 224 were in the construction sector.” – The Otago Daily Times.

Regional Areas

Our government is focusing on regional areas in their budget and many of these initiatives will need skilled trades people to carry out the work. Last financial year they announced:

  • $115 million in capital expenditure for the regional roading package in the transport portfolio
  • $12 million over four years for the mid-sized Tourism Facilities Grants Fund and $25 million over four years for the Nga Haerenga New Zealand Cycle Trail in the tourism portfolio
  • $24.5 million over four years for the Freshwater Improvement Fund in the Environment portfolio

Woburn Guides the Way

Get your foot in the door now because once you are here you’ll find lots of opportunity throughout New Zealand.

Woburn International is here to help you through the whole immigration minefield and provide a complete service. We will help you find the job to get you started and handle the challenging immigration process.


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