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New Zealand has elected a new government which will mean changes to Immigration policy. The National government has indicated they plan to focus on attracting and keeping those who are highly skilled as well as revive New Zealand’s international education market which was hit hard with the global pandemic and border closure.

National to introduce Parent Visa Boost

National wants to make it easier for parents and grandparents of migrants to visit their family in New Zealand. National will introduce a multiple-entry Parent Visa Boost valid for five years with renewal possible for a further five years to offer a flexible option for parents and grandparents to visit their family in New Zealand. New Zealand needs to attract and retain skilled people, but other countries have more pro-parent visa options, making them more attractive options.

National’s plan to boost the tech sector and attract top talent:

  • International Graduates Visa– a three-year open work visa for highly educated people who have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree or higher within the last five years from one of the top 100 universities in the world. This visa will initially be capped at 500 successful applicants in the first year.
  • Global Growth Tech Visa– a residence visa for people with highly specialised skills who have worked at a top global tech company earning at least NZ$400,000pa. This visa will initially be capped at 250 successful applicants in the first year.
  • Digital Nomad Visa– a 12-month visa to attract skilled, highly mobile people to come to New Zealand while working remotely for an overseas-based company, with the option to apply for a work or residence visa later if they choose to stay. This visa will initially be capped at 250 successful applicants in the first year.
  • Supporting startups – investigate changes to the tax treatment of options issued by startups to their staff to make it easier to attract and retain talent in their early years
  • Minister of Technology – to work with the tech sector to create the right policy and regulatory environment to support more innovation and faster growth

National’s plan to revive international education will:

  • Fast track visa processing for international students who pay an additional fee.
  • Increase the hours international students are able to work each week from 20 to 24.
  • Expand work rights for international students and their partners to make New Zealand a more attractive destination.
  • Diversify the countries Education New Zealand recruits international students from.

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