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Prior to Christmas the Minister of Immigration announced his proposal to a new approach to-employer assisted work visas and regional work force planning. One key aspect sees a shift in emphasis from the employee-based system to one where the employer will be at the centre of the process. This will involve 3 checks starting with the employer; then the job and finally the migrant.

One major proposal is that all employers wishing to hire a worker from overseas will need to apply for accreditation. This means that employers must meet suitability standards for employing migrants. The thinking behind this process, will ensure only employers with a good track record will be able to support a migrant.

This is a major change and the process will take time, so employers need to look at their business plan which includes strategies for onward development of the business for the year, determine their staff needs and whether skilled migrants will be needed. If migrant recruitment is necessary due to skill shortages, a fit for business audit is necessary to meet immigration requirements.

The proposals are placing a higher level of protection on the migrant workforce. We can advise that accreditation of employers should not be confused with the existing Employer Accreditation pathway already in existence. Indications are that accreditation will eventuate. Worthiness of employing migrants should be noted.

To prepare you will need a necessary audit (Warrant of fitness), to make sure you are ready and can get on with business as usual. We can help with this.

If you would like to discuss this further, have questions or would like more information on our audit (Warrant of fitness) process please call the office or email

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