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Immigration Setting Changes for Many Occupations

With the latest immigration update announced by government on 12 December 2022, immigration settings have been eased for workers in many industries including telecommunication technicians, bus drivers, motor mechanics, truck drivers, nurses, midwives and teachers.

The Green List has been expanded to include more professions in healthcare, education and construction sectors.

Here at Woburn International we see these immigration changes as an important and positive step that will jointly benefit those looking to migrate to New Zealand, those who entered New Zealand as critical workers, as well as businesses facing significant staff shortages.

Green List Changes from 15 December: Tier 1 Straight to Residence

Specifically, from 15 December, midwives and nurses will be added to tier 1 of the Green List, along with any medical doctors not already included in that list. This straight to residence visa pathway includes people already in New Zealand. From March 2023 this list will also include registered auditors.

Green List Changes from March 2023: Tier 2 Work to Residence

From March 2023, more professions are due to be added to tier 2 of the Green List (the work to residence visa). These include civil construction supervisors, drainlayers, gasfitters, skilled crane operators, halal slaughterers, skilled motor mechanics, skilled telecommunications technicians, primary school teachers and all secondary school teachers.

Specific Purpose Work Visa Being Introduced

A streamlined Specific Purpose work visa is also being introduced to help the 2,500 long-term critical workers already in New Zealand continue in their present role for up to three years. This is specifically aimed at people not eligible for the 2021 Resident Visa.

Help for Post Study Work Visa Holders

The approximate 1,800 Post Study Work Visa holders who missed out because of the border closure of 2020-2021 will also be able to obtain a 12-month Open Work Visa.

Employer Accreditation Extension

Another change includes a one-off automatic extension to employer accreditation by 12 months (if the employer’s first accreditation is applied for by 4 July 2023).

These changes are a great way to cap off what has been a very tough year and we think the opportunities they will bring can only bode well for 2023! 

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