October 30, 2017

Practical Guide: Immigrating to New Zealand from the UK

New Zealand is desperate for skilled workers, making it a good match for Brits seeking employment in our beautiful country [...]
September 18, 2017

NZ First Immigration Policy Affects Superannuation Eligibility

This month June was approached by the media regarding Winston Peters recently announced policy. In September he stated that NZ [...]
August 1, 2017

International Students: How to Get Work in New Zealand After You Graduate

Studying is a huge undertaking, you work hard, learn, grow and make new friends along the way. While you study [...]
June 27, 2017

New Zealand Politics: breaking down each party’s immigration stance

Immigration is a hotly debated topic in New Zealand politics this year as we move closer to our national election. [...]
June 20, 2017

New Zealand Politicians are Using Migrants as a Scapegoat

In early April, our own June Ranson talked about the information being released by New Zealand politicians. 2017 sees New [...]
June 13, 2017
Work in NZ

New Zealand Needs Trades People

New Zealand is desperate for qualified and experienced tradespeople, given our strong economy and our rapid sustained growth brought on [...]