February 12, 2018
Business meeting with migrant worker

Business: Immigration Changes You Need to Know

A number of changes are occurring in the NZ Immigration world and it’s our job to keep abreast of these. [...]
January 16, 2018
New Zealand Regions

Skilled Migrants are Settling in the Regions

According to the NZ Herald, only two out of five skilled migrants and business migrants settle in Auckland now. This [...]
December 3, 2017

Traditional Christmas in New Zealand

Most of our Christmas traditions, customs and celebrations are influenced by English practices. However, Christmas in New Zealand does have [...]
November 21, 2017

Wish You Were Teaching Overseas?

New Zealand’s teacher shortage has now reached crisis levels with more than half of high-school principals say they’re facing staffing shortages [...]
October 30, 2017

Practical Guide: Immigrating to New Zealand from the UK

New Zealand is desperate for skilled workers, making it a good match for Brits seeking employment in our beautiful country [...]
September 18, 2017

NZ First Immigration Policy Affects Superannuation Eligibility

This month June was approached by the media regarding Winston Peters recently announced policy. In September he stated that NZ [...]