July 24, 2019

Information For Employers– Some reasons why applications are taking so long

June 20, 2019

Heads up – Changes for Visa Waiver travelers coming to NZ

From 1 October 2019, visitors to NZ who have entered through the Visa Waiver criteria (no pre-application required until arrival […]
April 9, 2019

Visa delays causing chaos – be prepared ahead of time

We can help you through the process with a complimentary warrant of fitness check of your business The processing delays of […]
March 19, 2019

Understanding the differences – no room for hatred

The Woburn team were personally touched by the horrendous events on Friday in Christchurch, our sincere condolences go out to […]
February 19, 2019
Workin in NZ

Is your organisation/business ready?

Prior to Christmas the Minister of Immigration announced his proposal to a new approach to-employer assisted work visas and regional […]
December 17, 2018

Changes to Minimum Hourly Rates for Migrants

This year’s Industry Immigration Conference saw New Zealand officials discussing the value that migrants bring to our country. [...]