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NZ Occupational Registration/Working in the Health or Education Sector

Working in an approved role in the health or education sector, and holding occupational registration is one of the criteria for qualifying for the new 2021 Resident Visa.

There are other criteria as explained on our 2021 Resident Visa page.

If you would like individual help on working out if you qualify for the 2021 Resident Visa, fill out the form here on our website, and we’ll get back to you.

Occupations requiring registration in the health or education sectors as laid out by New Zealand Immigration are as follows, but if you want to see the official list, it is on the New Zealand Immigration website here.
  • Chiropractor
  • Clinical dental technician
  • Clinical dental therapist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Dental technician
  • Dental therapist
  • Dentist
  • Dietitian
  • Dispensing optician
  • Medical laboratory scientist/technologist
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Medical practitioner
  • Medical radiation technologist
  • Midwives
  • Nurse
  • Occupational therapist
  • Optometrist
  • Osteopath
  • Paramedic
  • Pharmacist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Podiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Teacher (including Principals and registered Early Childhood Education teachers)

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