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New Zealand currently suffers from skill shortages in many different industries and the only resolution for businesses is to employ skilled migrants.   This will enable business to continue growing into the future and with this new talent, the possibility to instill training options for young kiwis going forward.

Woburn International recruitment service

Woburn can assist with our service of Recruitment, sourcing talent from offshore, as we have partnerships internationally with recruiters who specifically target talent in known areas of skill shortages. We work closely with these companies and can source for you what you require.

Recruitment process:
  1. We will require a Job Description/Brief from you. We can write a Job Description, with your input, if you do not have one to provide
  2. We reach out to source potential candidates for you from our partners (global).
  3. Once we receive potential candidate’s CV’s (7 working days maximum), we complete an initial assessment on your behalf
  4. We provide you with our shortlisted potential candidates CV’s
  5. You confirm your interest in any potential candidates we provide
  6. Woburn Assessments (Psychometric Testing and full Immigration eligibility
  7. Assessment reports – provided to Employer
  8. Job offer made
  9. Immigration Process begins


Individual assessments:

Woburn has the added benefit to the employer of individual assessments.  We know, employing a person from another country and culture can be a little scary for a business, as taking on a new person is added expense until that person is ‘up and running’, to become profitable to your business.

You can’t rely solely on a CV, a couple of interviews and references.  Irrespective of how experienced people may be, this isn’t sufficient. We offer a Psychometric test, scientifically sound, culturally neutral to fairness and industry specific.

Psychometric Testing considers culture and nationality of an individual.  It is a scientific assessment process and the methodology measures competencies that will deliver to the employer the talent, ability, integrity and workplace suitability to achieve the required objectives.

FACT: Failure can cost 3x an annual salary. Reduce the risk.

Woburn being a leading NZ specialist in Immigration, will also assess the skilled migrant and any accompanying family to ensure they will ‘stack up’ when being processed through the immigration system. Also identifying issues that could slow down the process.


Woburn can ease the Immigration process for you the employer and the migrant, as we are highly skilled in Immigration with licensed advisers on staff, combined experience of 70 years.  We can ensure a smooth and successful* processing of applications to get the skilled talent you need in your business as soon as possible**

We offer two processing services to individuals which is based on the background of applicants and requirements of the job.

* Successful applications rely on complete disclosure by any individual and company we are applying on behalf of.

** We are unable to control processing times with INZ, however can ensure smooth processing of an application from our involvement, if we have been given full disclosure. Any foreseen issues will be discussed directly with the employer or migrant (in accordance with the Privacy Act)

Shortage Areas:

Medical staff / Engineers / Management and HR / Technical and IT / Finance / Teachers / Oil and Gas / Airline staff / Sales team and marketing / Sports coaches / Marine staff / Maintenance staff / Hospitality staff / Trades / Construction


Human Resource Support

Times are changing with NZ Immigration and there will be more requirements put on the employer as well as the individual migrant.   We know, that you as a business owner, do not have time nor wish for any added pressure of meeting these requirements – Woburn can assist!

NZ Immigration as of mid-2020 will require any employer of a migrant to have the correct Human Resource (HR) Policies being in place for the business.   Woburn knows what is required and can offer your company a ‘WOF’ check prior to the immigration changes, you will then be aware of how your business ‘stacks up’.

ADDED SERVICES:  Woburn can write any new HR policies to fit your business which will meet the NZ Immigration requirements.   Taking away that added ADMINISTRATION you do not have time for.

Sourcing skilled staff is a resource heavy and time-consuming task. Woburn can simplify the process giving employer’s more time to focus on business growth.