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New Zealand immigration & emigration

The global economy sees multinational companies moving talent across the world everyday. For over 25 years, Woburn International has been helping these organisations with visas, staff transfers, temporary overseas assignments and more.

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Guiding you through the investor categories

Navigating the world of Investor categories can be difficult and time consuming. New Zealand’s Business and Investor categories are regularly changing. Let our experienced team hold your hand through this complex process.

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New Zealand is known for its entrepreneurial culture and innovative business environment

New Zealand has one of the most stable and corruption free democracies in the world, providing you with a safe place to invest your energy, skills and money.

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Helping individuals and families move from one country to another

Whether you are experienced or new to the adventure of relocation, you can face many risks. Woburn International has helped over 10,000 individuals, couples, and families to relocate internationally, for over 25 years. Our professional team of experts are here to help you navigate the whole process.

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