February 7, 2012

Shanghai Pexquin could have done with a little PR | Woburn International

The clear left and right divide over the purchase of the 16 North-Island Crafar Farms (7,900 hectares) by the joint […]
January 25, 2012

World Migration Report 2011

The 2011 World Migration Report authored in Geneva had a number of interesting conclusions.  After reading this extensive report Woburn Internation has […]
January 23, 2012

6 tips for Indian job-seekers wanting to improve their job search

1) Obtain your work-visa It may seem like common sense, but you will need a work visa. You are not […]
January 15, 2012

Life after Studying as an International Student in New Zealand | Woburn International

Late last year IMSED (International Migration & Settlement Dynamics, a service of the Department of Labour) released results on a [...]
December 13, 2011

Cultural differences create challenges for Chinese migrants applying with Immigration New Zealand | Woburn International

At Woburn International, it is our job to verify if it is appropriate to submit an application on a client’s [...]
December 9, 2011

Auckland Rental Housing Prices Climbed in 2011 Making it Difficult for New Migrants to Settle into New Zealand’s Biggest City | Woburn international

Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in rental housing prices in Auckland which has made it […]