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January 20, 2017
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March 10, 2017
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PM Discusses Proposed Migrant Levy

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An extra levy to migrants has been suggested by the New Zealand Initiative. This was in a report looking at the impact of immigration on New Zealand.

The New Zealand Prime Minister, Bill English said  that it was an interesting idea but that there must be a very good reason for an additional levy or tax. There’d would also have to be a lot of discussion before the Government got to the point of considering it.

Our own June Ranson, who is the spokesperson for the Association of Migrant and Investment was interviewed for her views on this proposal. June pointed out that under the current rules migrants pay a levy of up to $38 to fund migrant assistance and settlement programmes.

An additional levy could discourage migrants with much-needed skills from coming here, she said.

“We are falling short, as we’re seeing it right across the board. We can’t get teachers, I mean we can’t even get panel beaters.”


You can read the full article from NewsTalk ZB on their website.

There is a great interview on this topic with June which you can also listen to on RNZ.