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May 16, 2012
July 25, 2012
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New Zealand – Migrant Investor

If you are looking at Global investment opportunities – consider New Zealand. New Zealand is a country which offers great opportunities for living, investing and to do business. Consider the advantages: We have an attractive investment market, excellent tax incentives, and an enviable lifestyle. New Zealand is a country offering fresh opportunities, an open and efficient economy, (which is market driven), and a stable government system.

New Zealand is one of freest economies in the world, with few barriers to doing business. The economy has been designed for long-term competitiveness. The New Zealand government has worked hard to develop this competiveness and has created a supportive environment that includes: no restrictions on the inflow and outflow of capital, 100% tax deductible incentive in research and development, tax incentives for movie makers and petroleum exploration, and raw materials can be imported tariff free.

Whether you want to establish or invest in a business or simply invest in other areas, New Zealand is an ideal country to explore. New Zealand is ranked one of the easiest places in the world to do business.
The legal system, based on the English legal system, is similar to most Western countries.
New Zealand’s tax system FOR business is 28% EBITDA, with no payroll, social-security or capital gains tax.
Capital markets and financial institutions are well developed and provide diverse investment options.
We dawn the new day before any other country in the world, “a future driven country”.
New Zealanders generally, are a very resourceful race

New Zealand also has extensive research and development in biotechnology, food technology and clean technology. New Zealand’s isolation has made it an ideal place for the research and development of biotechnologies and companies in this field are thriving.

As an investor there are a many companies that you can invest in, from technology companies to agricultural projects. Finding the right investment is not difficult. There are a number of organisations that specialise in matching investors with business in New Zealand, Woburn International is one of the most experienced companies with 20 plus years of successful trading and can help make the necessary connections.
One of the main considerations for investors in making a decision to move to New Zealand is the lifestyle. New Zealand has spectacular landscapes and compared to its geographical size the population is small. New Zealanders love their outdoors and they are generally welcoming of migrants.
Two of New Zealand’s more recent migrant investment success stories are James Cameron and Russian billionaire Alexander Abramov. James Cameron, director of the Avatar and Titanic Movies, recently purchased a farm in New Zealand’s Wairapapa region, where he lives with his family and run the farm’s dairy operations. Abramov is in the process of building his Northland estate, employing 100 people and has planted 150,000 native trees on the property.

Woburn International specialises in assisting migrant investors with their immigration into New Zealand, helping them find investment opportunities, business to buy or invest in.