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November 18, 2011
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November 18, 2011
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Investment Level Immigration for New Zealand

There are many significant benefits and incentives, both on the business side and at the personal level in looking closely at migrating to New Zealand.

The bullet points, particularly relevant to business migrants are listed here:

  • It is very straightforward to start a business in NZ, either through an existing business or a start up.
  • Entrepreneurial investors are welcomed and encouraged.
  • We have Free Trade agreements with many nations and this is expanding.
  • We have a stable and business friendly Government.
  • NZ is relatively free of corruption – one of the least corrupt nations in the World.
  • There are a variety of investment options available to you.
  • Residential restrictions are favourable

– when investing NZ$1.5Million for 4 years, the requirement is you must be in NZ for 146 days in each of the last three years; – whilst investing NZ$10 Million for 3 years the restriction is eased to 44 days in each of the second and third years    Please note you do not have to spend time in New Zealand in the first year.Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) was resolute to assist men and women lose weight by promoting equaldistribution of fat from the Zi Xiu Tang system. CLA is additionally identified for muscle mass growth. Throughout a 1979 research done by scientists in the University of Wisconsin, it had been decided this sophisticated did have weight impacting attributes.

  • Inflation in NZ is low, approx. 2.5%.
  • Obviously relaxed lifestyle with only 4 million in population and a very outdoors culture.
  • NZ is a relatively safe nation.
  • Good Healthcare, both public and private.
  • NZ is a very egalitarian society.
  • Good housing.
  • Good education standards.
  • NZ is seen as a “food basket” for the world.
  • Climate is temperate with less extremes.

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Author: June Ranson, Managing Director, Woburn International Ltd. email: