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Business: Immigration Changes You Need to Know

Business meeting with migrant worker

A number of changes are occurring in the NZ Immigration world and it’s our job to keep abreast of these. But please remember, if you’re ever in doubt, always talk to a licensed immigration adviser.

Here are the businesses immigration changes you need to know if you are employing migrants. From 15 January 2018, the salary threshold changed for engaging migrants under the Essential Skills Work Visa. This also applies for supporting migrants with NZ Residence.

The hourly rate you should be paying a migrant worker is determined by:

  • Their skill level.
  • The occupation of the position.
  • The provable experience of the applicant.

More Businesses immigration changes

In the case of the Work Visa under Essential Skills, these changes also reflect on the time allocated for the migrant to stay and work for you. It also effects whether any of their family can obtain a visa to be in New Zealand.

Is your business prepared to hire a migrant worker?

You also need to note that Immigration NZ are looking more closely at employers. They will be reviewing you and your business to ensure it is sustainable enough to support migrant workers.

For low skilled employment of migrants, you must advertise the position with Work & Income along with your own advertising for at least two weeks prior to making a job offer. This is to establish whether any NZ Residents or Citizens are available for the job vacancy you have. Also, the employer needs to review whether they have failed to comply with any employment law in the past, as this could impact on employing migrants.

Ensuring you’re compliant

Businesses immigration changes are important to monitor and we have a team of a licensed immigration advisers offering support to businesses owners who want to employ migrants. If you are an individual looking to work in New Zealand, we can help you too.

If you would like to discuss any of the aspects mentioned above, or your immigration needs, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us.