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Working in NZ

If you have chosen to use Woburn international’s services as part of your migration journey, we may also be able to assist in finding you a job that will best match your qualification and skill set.

Fill in our immigration visa assessment form and send us a copy of your current CV. We will identify what employment opportunities may exist for you. (Please note this service is only available in conjunction with our immigration service.)
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Woburn International job search assistance service

Job search assistance service will:

  • Advise on any necessary changes to your CV, to suitably meet the NZ market and make those changes where necessary.
  • Research the current employment market relevant to your qualifications, skills and experience. This includes a report with feedback and potential contacts here in NZ.
  • Identify any job opportunities or potential employers relevant to you.
  • Introduce you to possible employers and be a local ‘voice’ for you when applying for roles or introductions are being made.
  • Follow up with prospective employers and opportunities and provide feedback and insights from this process.

Quick Tip

Have your qualification assessed to ensure it meets NZ standards

You can do this online or Woburn International can do it for you as part of the Job Search Process.

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Should the applications or introductions we make on your behalf lead to any initial conversations or interviews with you in person or by phone, we are able provide an additional service that includes:
  • Securing and coordinating appointments for you, by phone, Skype or in person (because it is unlikely you would secure a position unless the employer meets you).
  • Preparing you for your interviews.
  • Managing the immigration process for you when you secure appropriate employment.
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Already working here on one of the following visas?
  • Post study work visa
  • Working holiday visa

If you are highly qualified but working here in a role that won’t lead to a future in NZ, our job search assistance service may be able to match you with prospective employers or roles that will utilise your skills, qualifications and better support your desire to make NZ your permanent home.

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Current Job Opportunities

Here are some examples of the industries and roles NZ employers need skilled employees for:

  • Engineers
  • Trades
    • Mechanic
    • Painter
    • Plasterer
    • Carpet and flooring installer
    • Baker
    • Panel beater
    • Scaffolder
    • Sheet metal
    • Stonemason
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Farming
  • University lecturer
  • Midwife
  • Specialist doctors/physicians
  • Construction and building
    • Project managers
    • Quantity surveyors
    • Carpenters
    • Builders
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Live positions available now!

In NZ we are currently needing quality, qualified and experienced candidates in

  • Steel Placer (No English requirements)
  • Site Manager (Mandarin & English)
  • Quantity Surveyor (Mandarin & English)
  • Qualified and experienced builders with over 5 years experience in commercial or residential building, experience must be on the tools.
  • Experienced scaffolders

Please fill in our initial assessment form here  – Then flick us an email with your CV to let us know you are keen to find out about these type of roles or others like them.

Assessment form

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Avalon Podiatry –  a professional supportive team of Podiatrists and admin staff in a freshly renovated clinic. We are based in Avalon Lower Hutt where parking is free, getting around is quick and easy and cost of living is very reasonable.

Work is available for 2 full time *Registered Podiatrists in a very busy, friendly community practice. We cover all aspects of podiatry with a large diabetic workload.

*If registration in NZ is required we can assist with this process

Must be: Professional, have excellent English, punctual, hardworking, committed, trustworthy and reliable.

To get a job description or apply.

Please contact Libby at podiatry.avalon@gmail.com to make a time if you are interested in meeting and having an interview

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We know that finding the perfect job in a foreign country can be a daunting process. Let us assist you and make it easier. (Please note this service is only available to people who use Woburn International when applying to migrate to New Zealand.)
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