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February 19, 2019
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Changes to Minimum Hourly Rates for Migrants

There has been a lot of talk in New Zealand about how migrants are paid when they arrive in NZ for work.  

Some of the publicity has been alarming and have highlighted areas of concern for all in the immigration industry. In response, Immigration NZ have increased the minimum hourly rate payable across a range of skill levels and jobs.

Important New Legislation

This important piece of legislation was implemented late November and is a significant win for migrants on working visas. The increased hourly minimum wage has come into effect, along with other new conditions for these visas.  Should the migrant employee work greater hours than 40 hours per week the minimum hourly rate cannot be watered down. The migrant employee should continue to receive their given rate of pay for the extra hours worked. The law change brings payment conditions in line with what other New Zealanders earn in similar roles.

New Zealand as an attractive place to work live and work

Here at Woburn International, we believe that it is important to let our migrant workers know their work is just as valuable as the next worker doing the same job, no matter where in the world they come from. Also migrants will be paid no less than $21.25 per hour and if they’re highly skilled, more. This is all part of promoting NZ as an attractive place to live and work.


Woburn Assistance

For the migrants that we help through the immigration process, we are also able to assist with matching their skills to appropriate employment opportunities with reputable employers.  More Information   https://woburn.co.nz/employment-opportunities/

If you have any further questions about minimum hourly rates, contact one of our licensed immigration officers today.