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3 Tips to Save Visa Delays in NZ

The ever-increasing delays in processing visa applications by Immigration NZ is creating chaos for both employers and migrants.

Latest processing times for work visas are approximately 83 days. Should any issues relating to the applicant or the employment offer be identified, this processing time will be extended. Having a realistic timeframe from inception can be achieved providing all the facts are known about the applicant, and the employer has complied with all requirements.

Engaging a Professional Service Provider

We know many employers are being put off hiring migrants as they see the process as onerous – it doesn’t have to be that way. It is knowing when to engage a professional service provider that makes a difference – like you would engage a Chartered Accountant for your end of year accounts.

Why is Immigration NZ taking so long with processing?

  • high volume of applications
  • staff shortages
  • staff training

3 Tips to Speed Up The Processs

We know they are trying to fix this, but it won’t happen overnight.  In the mean-time, here are 3 tips you can use to help speed this process for your application.

  1. Firstly, prepare all the information and documents you need for your application before you start your visa application. For more information read here https://woburn.co.nz/immigration/
  2. Include all the supporting documentation that is asked for, so Immigration New Zealand does not have to ask for addition information.
  3. Apply for the correct visa for your situation, ensuring that you have the appropriate information and documentation you need.

Tick All The Boxes

The actual visa application is the last part of the process, most of the work is done prior to submitting your application. If you have ticked all the above, you will eliminate most unnecessary delays for your visa processing.

If you need any assistance regarding entering New Zealand for work or permanent residence, contact one of our licensed immigration officers today.